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Locator connects you with people who matter the most, with smart features designed to protect and connect your family and friends any time.

Why Is It Special

Easy to use

Locator app comes up with very simple and quality features with smart navigations which make you comfortable accessing the app.

Powerful Design

Three step details for every circle and circle members, on a private map which keeps you connected with your loved one's all the time.

Battery Efficient

Locator comes with diversified features, supports many mobile versions at lowest cost of battery. Rich experience with optimized battery use.

Less worry. More security!

It's all about how much you care about your family. We know you do care about people whom you care most! Download Family Locator and keep in touch with them always!

Awesome Features

Private Circles

Locator app circles are completely private and accessible to circle members only, which keeps your privacy intact.

Accurate and real time tracking

Get accurate location of your family members or friends at any time. It gives an opportunity for viewing the real-time member's location on the map.

Smart Notifications

Receive real-time smart alerts when your loved ones arrive at home, school, or any places you'll set or they check-in any place or in emergency.


Define places of your interest like home, school, office etc on a map, to get notified when your circle member enters or leaves place.

Panic Alert

Need help? Press panic button to notify your emergency contacts by email along with your GPS coordinates & address.

Drive Protect

Take care of your circle members on the road. Get notifications when there is an emergency or when driving dangerously!









App Screenshots

Pricing Plan

Free Plan* (3 Months)


Up to 3 members

Up to 3 places

28 days of history

Live Tracking

Priority Location Updates



Up to 5 members

Up to 5 places

28 days of history

Live Tracking

Priority Location Updates



Up to 10 members

Up to 10 places

28 days of history

Live Tracking

Priority Location Updates

“My daughter is safe on the Internet this is the best app have and my daughter can take her chrome, I can make sure she does not stay up too late or anything unsafe I hope you make more websites like this I love this app.”

Oleg Maiboroda

“There are plenty of features like tracking location or viewing the history of movements. All of these features help me keep track of my child around the city. It also has an SOS-signal, so if my child is in trouble, I can find out immediately.”


“Breathe easy with this app knowing your kids are safe. See where they are at any time and get alerts about low battery and leaving specific areas.”

Rajender Sharma

“I appreciate this app. It works very efficiently, stable, accurate information provided. I can know the position of the children, it gives me a lot of peace of mind.”

Henry smith


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